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Custom WordPress Theme: Karen Schanely Photography

My darling bride launched her own photography business in April 2017. I built this site for her launch. It was a great opportunity to experiment with custom themes in WordPress. I also fine-tuned her hand-lettered logo for some promotional materials.

One highlight for me was the work I did on the grid system for this site. I wanted to try breaking out of the 12-column system I use in so many of my projects and experiment with the golden ratio. From the base width of 1200 pixels, I placed lines from the left and right edges at the golden ratio dimension. I then subdivided each of these spaces further to get a balanced but somewhat asymmetrical 5-column system. I applied the same idea to determine some vertical rhythm up and down in the layout, particularly in the masthead.

I fleshed out a few different combinations for column areas and measured each dimension. Then I built each out using a class. Flexbox made the final assembly a breeze.

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